Atago Frying Oil Monitor
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DOM-24 measures the deterioration of vegetable oil in 30 seconds. It is faster to measure than titration method. No need for chemical reagent and no waste of your sample.

Because it has digital display, anyone can measure and avoid human errors. It allows high temperature, 0-225℃.

It can stir the sample to uniform temperature of oil layer. Also, it is long so that you can reduce the risk of skin burn.

You can save money since you don’t need to ask external inspection agencies.






Measurement Range

Total Polar Materials(TPM): 0.5 to 40.0%
Acid Value(AV): 0.0 to 9.9
Temperature : 0 to 225℃ / 32 to 437°F


Total Polar Materials(TPM) : 0.5%
Acid Value(AV) : 0.1
Temperature : 1℃ / 1°F

Measurement Accuracy

Total Polar Materials(TPM) : ±2.0%
  (20 to 200℃ / 68 to 392°F)
Acid Value(AV) : ±0.2
Temperature : ±1℃ / ±2°F

Temperature compensation range

0 to 225℃ / 32 to 437°F (Accuracy guaranteed from 20 to 200℃ / 68 to 392°F)

Power Supply

Size AAA alkaline battery × 2

International Protection Class


Dimensions & Weight

22(Φ)×490(W)mm、400g(main unit only)